Our Eco-Dam is a reusable, fast deploying water-filled flood barrier and temporary cofferdam. 

The Eco-Dam is a water-filled flood barrier fabricated from high-quality tensile fabric and European produced PVC and manufactured using computer controlled high-frequency welding techniques. This ensures structural strength of this flood defence system, making the seams both waterproof and gas-tight. 

Each Eco-Dam has fill ports and drains ports with an overflow outlet on the top. It also has lifting handles on each end to assist with deployment.

It consists of two sections separated by an internal partition. This locks into place when the barrier is exposed to uneven water pressure, as demonstrated by the diagrams below. The patented design ensures stability by preventing rolling, whilst allowing the water to move freely inside.

Each Eco-Dam is factory pressure tested. This enables Eco-Dam to be CE Marked for safety. Eco-Dam is the only CE Marked water-filled barrier on the market.

"A quality flood defense system product that was easy to fill and empty - no other dam meets our standard."

Robert Nicholas Inspection Services

Eco-Dam Applications

The Eco-Dam is a versatile, water-filled flood barrier that can be used in a variety of ways. It can protect homes from impending flooding, act as a cofferdam on construction sites or during the reconstruction of rivers and create large reservoirs. Some of the applications include:  

  • Repairs to watercourses and river crossings
  • Creation of temporary reservoirs
  • Hazardous spill containment
  • Dredging and sediment control
  • Shoreline restoration
  • The ultimate flood protection barrier

Eco-Dam Benefits

There are many benefits to the Eco-Dam that make it an effective and efficient alternative to more traditional methods of flood defence systems such as sandbags.

  • Environmentally safe
  • Fast to deploy and simple to use without specialist knowledge
  • Cost-effective to purchase, store and deploy
  • Minimal storage space required when not in use
  • Versatile overlapping modular design that allows for a variety of configurations
  • No excessive install or clean-up costs
  • The only CE Marked water-filled barrier on the market
  • Save to deploy on dry surfaces, static water and in dynamic water
  • Reusable / Recyclable / Sustainable

Eco-Dam Vs Sandbags

Sandbags offer minimal flood protection and benefits when compared to J & J Carter's Eco-Dam. Sandbags seep water even when well-stacked, retain bacteria and are difficult to dispose of after just one single-use.

The comparison is of 3 Eco-Dams at 6m x 0.6m and 1440 sandbags to make a wall 18m long and 0.6m high according to Environment Agency guidelines.

Flood Protection

One of the main uses of the Eco-Dam is for Flood Protection.

During the recent floods, many homes were badly affected, including those in and around Winchester. As seen in the photo, 2 Eco-Dams were deployed at this property to prevent flood water entering the house. Once quickly deployed the barriers remained in situ until the floods subsided. They were then easily stored, with no clean-up required, ready for the next use.


Here the Eco-Dam served as a cofferdam to enable river maintenance and inspection. Sheet Pile Cofferdam have a high manufacture cost, long installation times and possibility of corrosion.

After the collapse of a sandbag wall, the Eco-Dam was deployed in less than 10 minutes and immediately prevented further erosion of the river bank. The client was very pleased with the product and mentioned how 'no other dam met their standards'.


The Eco-Dam can also be used to create large reservoirs.

At Long Cross Studios 424m long barriers were used to create a 24 sq.m reservoir used for special effects. By taking advantage of the overlapping modular design the barriers were positioned in a square directly on concrete and were able to hold 40 tons of water.

Eco-Dam Further Information

The Eco-Dam is a versatile product that can suite a variety of applications.

It provides excellent community protection against flooding, making it an asset to local authorities and resiliance groups. It is also suited for use anywhere it is vital to keep infrastructure and land free from flood damage; such as construction sites, logistics warehouses, farms, retail outlets and hospitals. Furthermore, it would provide those in the facilities management industry with a new service to offer their clients.

The Eco-Dam is also effective during oil spills by preventing and containing further contamination.

If you would like more information on how Eco-Dam could benefit your community or business please call 01264 721630 or email [email protected].

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